Do More For You Whole Mouth

Make oral health part of you #happyhabits with Colgate Total®


24 hour* whole mouth protection

24 hour whole mouth protection


Repairs Repairs: weakened enamel


Revitalises Revitalises:and strengthens the gums


Refreshes Refreshes:by reducing bacteria causing bad breath


Colgate Total toothpaste


With Dual Zinc Arginine technology it provides

Stronger 24h bacterial defence*

With Dual Zinc Arginine technology it provides, Protects against cavities, removes plaque, renews gums, Strenghtens Enamel, Reduces tartar, Relieves Sensitivity, Whitens Teeth, Freshens Breath

*superior bacteria reduction on teeth, tongue, cheeks & gums vs non-antibacterial

fluoride toothpaste, with 2x daily continued use after 4 weeks.

**in-vitro on weakened enamel caused by dietary acids.


With recyclable tube and carton

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Recyckable Tube and carton


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