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Elevate your toothbrushing into an extraordinary,
pleasurable experience


Sculpted in breathtaking design and enriched with beauty-inspired ingredients, new Colgate ® Elixir is pure satisfaction that you can enjoy to the last drop.

Discover the art of mouth care - Elixir delights your senses and invites toothbrushing to become a part of your everyday beauty ritual.  

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Reimagine the ordinary

Uncover the unique features of Colgate® Elixir

woman smiling showing white teeth

Beauty-inspired ingredients

Treat yourself with the unique Elixir formulas crafted with cosmetic ingredients like hyaluronic acid
man brushing teeth in mirror with Colgate toothbrush

Style and design

Enhance your beauty collection with Elixir’s sink-worthy and elegant shape, that you can put proudly on display
water washing up to a dark beach

Sustainable living

Feel good about your choice - Elixir comes in recyclable packaging that is designed to let you enjoy your toothpaste to the last drop.

Introducing the full Colgate® Elixir range

Indulge yourself with premium oral care experience